Kids Ministry of “Word Of Life” Tbilisi church takes place every week. There are held many other events including summer camp. The ministry consists of 4 different age groups, where there are prepared some program for kids, e.g: bible lessons, quiz lessons, competitions, games, illustrated histories, drawing, etc.

We are making lessons the way kids to understand it easily, with games and stories about god. In this way we try to make serving god interesting and unchangeable for their parents. Nowadays, everywhere is the place for kids, but our purpose is kids to spend their time properly, not only parents to have ability of having a rest.

In the opinion of our church, kids must have been used to obeying and listening to their parents since their childhood. In this way, they differ right and wrong; kids realize that they mustn’t lie, do not bull other, pray and, of course, know difference between good and evil. In our time kids are not ashamed to talk about “free choice”. Adults think that alcohol, cigarette are good and become depended on the things which harm their health. So, it is necessary for kids to know what is beneficial for their life. For this we must know some issues and pass them to our kids. They must know that they are not obstacles for church, they mustn’t mention Jesus in a bad way and even they have to make Sunday like a celebration day.

Our church pays special attention to the lieders to be prepared and educated as necessary. We help the families to have a good base, so, “Word Of Life” church is looking forward to seeing the families with all members. It belongs on your desire whether or not you come, of course.

Welcome on Sunday at 11:00!

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